As a production designer  I am interested in connecting a younger audience to theatre, or an older audience to a modern way of telling a story. As a production designer my working methodology is that for both text based pieces as well as reactionary site-specific work I initially base my avenue of enquiry on a certain theme or area of interest within the larger body of work. I really enjoy throwing myself into research and a new field of study, specific to the piece itself. This can be a large subject like the nature of the galaxy, or as minute as a quirk within a single character. The evolution of the design itself then is usually inspired by visual matter gathered during the research, as well as input in a collaborative environment. The style and subject of my work is always changing and I try to keep it varied, though I have a passion for traditional theatre design. Though there is a wide range of never-ending images and other work that will inspire me I like to focus on the detail, close text reading, character building, this married to a wider concentration on giving appeal and a new viewpoint to the audience brings about an engaging and colorful design.  I can cover everything from sound and lighting to costumes and always try and bring a colorful and engaging approach to the overall design as a whole that will enhance the story for the audience. 

I use a wide range of skills from traditional model making to video editing, writing, devising and even acting when forced. 
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